Dexter Vache France


We have been given the opportunity by the way of fate to carry on the legacy of a Lady who has bread Dexter cows for over 16 years here in the Allier France.

Hawthorn and HoaxIt all started with a conversation with a friend, I asking him if there was a small cow like a small horse, and he replied, “Yes a Dextor”. The adventure didn’t start until the following day when he sent me a link he had found on a card in the vets when he was getting his dog ready to go back to England.

It was that evening I started a conversation with someone called Kate, and a few messages later I found out that the farm was only 26 minutes away from where we lived in France, what’s the chances of that, another couple of questions later I had arranged to visit the farm where the Dexters lived, as I had never seen such a small cow before.

Who could have foreseen that from a simple question with a friend, we had now found a English speaking person 26 minutes from where we live in France that sells pedigree Dexter cows. So we arrived at the farm and where meet by Kate and her son who very kindly showed us the Dexter’s in the field’s and the barn and supplied us with all sorts of information about the breed what they could be used for and many other incredible facts.

Dexter Steer
We left with a sample of their meat and one word in our heads “Amazing”.
We ended up having several conversation with Kate about how many of these Dexters could we have per hector, is it best to have 2 steers or 2 cows and their calf’s, you get the picture.
After a lot of conversations with Judith Joseph our son and myself we decided to invest in a small herd, a deal was done with Kate and I need say no more.

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